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HMP NOT-4-ME Crime and Consequences Awareness Days take the Year 5 pupils out of their daily routine and give them a unique opportunity to learn about social responsibilities in an innovative and fun packed manner. The pupils become prisoners for the day, wearing prisoners uniforms and conform to prison rules. The day is thought provoking, impressionable and leaves lasting thoughts in the children’s minds. Each pupil work from their HMP NOT-4-ME workbooks, which has a range of activities to be undertaken and valuable information to take away. This exciting day compromises of;

Custody Procedure

After putting on their prison uniform they will be informally searched but made aware that such luxury in prison isn’t afforded as prisoners have to be strip searched. They then have their photograph taken and are fingerprinted.

Detention to Detention

The title of this workshop signifies the link from School Detention to Prison Detention. We want the children to; respect School rules and regulations, understand the law and what constitutes a crime and understand how school rules and the law can overlap. We discuss how important School behaviour is and why it is so important to abide by the rules.

Prison Life DVD and Contemplation Time

This workshop is a DVD that shows the visual and auditory affects of prison life. It is highly impactive and the sense of the experience is enhanced through the pupils being in the same prisoner uniforms as on the TV screen. The DVD will be paused at set times and the pupils will be asked to quietly contemplate and respond to questions raised by writing their thoughts In their work booklet.

Prison Cell Tour

Every pupil will be shown our B Wing and Prison Cell inside our amazing Mercedes Box Van. We are certain you will appreciate the realism of the experience. The B wing has seating, 3 Prison Cell doors, Prisoner telephone and realistic CCTV cameras. The Prison Cell is remarkably authentic and the pupils will experience the confined space, smells and limitations of the environment. Sit on the toilet in your cell and see how much privacy you have. Consider the fact that your cell is now your living room, bedroom and bathroom all in one and that you will be in their between 15-23 hours a day. We have had fantastic feedback about this experience.

Alcohol/Drugs/Police Activities

 We undertake 3 fun activities with serious messages attached.

  1. Alcohol – Pupils will undertake 3 Tests under normal circumstances looking at their balance, coordination and sight. They will repeat the tests wearing the Drunk Buster Goggles. They will then look at the effects of alcohol in their booklets. Pupils love this!
  2. Drugs – Pupils will Visually look at the DW&p Educational Drugs Box. This is a fantastic educational resource. The pupils write information requested in their workbooks after viewing the resource and complete the word-search grid.
  3. Police Equipment – Pupils can dress up and engage in the different pieces of Police equipment and learn about Police life. There are over 30 pieces of equipment and uniform to try on including coats, hats, protective vest, handcuffs, baton, riot shields, riot helmets, and other associated equipment. Children love to have a look at all this equipment and it also provides great photo opportunities.

Choice and Consequences

Pupils will view a PowerPoint presentation with six choices about common social problems; Road Safety, Drugs, Cyber Safety, Assault, Theft and Alcohol. They will provide their own answer from the choices given. After each choice we watch a short thought provoking video between 2-5 minutes long which shows the consequence of what can happen as a result of a poor choice. As a class we discuss the impact of poor social choices on themselves, their families, victims of crime, communities and society in general.

Crime Scene Investigation (CSI)

A crime scene is discovered in your classroom after lunch! The pupils put on a CSI white suit, grab some tweezers and analyse the 10 different evidential stations identified by the yellow markers. The pupils work their way round the scene and fill in their booklets what they think each piece of evidence is. There are four suspects in their booklets with information about each. They attempt to work out the correct perpetrator. This is also a great opportunity to take some memorable photographs.

Blockbuster Bingo Quiz

This is the final part of the day which tests the children’s knowledge of what they have learnt throughout the day in a fun manner. They are given 15 multiple choice questions and the answers are given out in a random bingo style order. The aim is to get a line of correct answers on the blockbuster grid.

The range of equipment we bring and the activities the children undertake have been described as outstanding. The work booklets the children keep are professional, knowledgeable and thought provoking.